Epoxyvloeren Maldegem

This project was done in a 2000 sqft home and it turned out incredible! It was done over an existing epoxy surface that did not hold up to industrial grade standards so the homeowners decided to resurface it with Leggari! Our epoxy is industrial grade and American Made! Our kits also come with a lifetime warranty, giving you the assurance that we mean what we say!

This is Part 2 of How To Install Epoxy Floors Full Installation Step By Step Explained. We go over how to properly mix epoxy, and how to apply it. We used a silver base and black highlights for this floor. Along with liquid diamonds dispersing effects to get this look! We also go over how to mix and apply the top coat and how to remove tape. Then it’s the big reveal of how it turned out! After watching these videos you will be ready to install your floor!

Watch part 1 here: https://youtu.be/gPO-yLKSYiQ

Recap of what you’ll find in this video 👇
How To Mix Epoxy: 0:49
Applying Epoxy: 4:29
How To Mix Top Coat:r: 30:10
Applying Top Coat: 34:51
Removing Tape: 53:57
Final Look: 55:34

You can order your floor kit here: https://leggari.com/floors/order-flooring/

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Leggari Floor Kits were designed to transform your floors into something new and unique by coating your existing concrete, tile, or wood flooring. Floor Kits are fun and easy to install. You can have a designer floor that will last for decades in 2 days with our unique floor kits, custom made to your projects square footage.
Learn about the floor installation process here:

One of the best ways to prep your surface is diamond grinding. You can rent concrete grinders at most rental stores. The next best way is using an etching chemical to etch the surface of the concrete. You can also sand the surface if the before mentioned methods can’t be done. If you can only prep minimally or can’t prep at all we have a Prep Replacement Primer to help achieve a strong bond. We always recommend prepping the concrete surface first.

Priming the floor is simple and fast. Mix your pre-measured primer then dip and roll the pigmented primer across the surface until the floor is completely pigmented. Wait 1 hr (or until tacky and not coming off to the touch) and start applying the Base Coat.

Applying the Base Coat and Highlights is the funnest part. Mix your pre-measured Base Coat, pour it out across the floor and begin to spread out the epoxy with your rubber squeegee getting it as even as you can. Our Epoxy self-levels so don’t worry about getting it perfectly even. Quickly roll over the surface with your paint roller to help even out the epoxy. Now mix your pre-measured highlight color and apply it to the base color, then blend it to your desired look.

We offer 2 different gloss sheens in our Urethane Top Coat. The Top Coat comes with the option to have a High Gloss or a Matte Finish. It needs to be rolled out super thin and leaves a minor texture which gives it the extra durability. Apply it within 24 hrs of installing your floor kit or you will need to sand the surface before applying it.


About Us:
Leggari is a coating based channel (metallic epoxy & concrete overlay) that will show you how you can use our products as amazing DIY projects to transform your existing surfaces! You can renovate things like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, patios & more! With Leggari you can renovate in no time, imitating real stone or creating a designer concrete look!
You can watch hundreds of videos that show you the step by step process of resurfacing your existing surfaces!

– Tim Krumland and Tylor Svangren, Leggari Founders

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